Poo-free ~Step on the way of healthy

It has been ages since I have updated my blog!
I still have a long way to go for writing blogs for my trip to the US/Taiwan/Harbin and Beijing !( Can’t believe I visited more than 4 cities in one year!)

Now I am back to wordpress and I hope to use it for recording my way for Poo-free.

So what is poo-free? when I first heard this name, I felt strange and couldn’t help laughing!
Does it mean a life without poo poo? Haha! Absolutely NOT!

Poo-free means “NOT USING SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER/HAIRMASK for your hair” .
It means only using WATER for cleaning your hair!

I first heard this name when my frd liked and shared post from a facebook group called ” 我愛PooFree ”
For English , you may try to read a nice blogger  about her amazing experience.

You may find it totally non-sense for not using anything for cleaning your hair.
I was not a believer at the beginning but still I thought it’s worthy for giving a try.

I have been using soap for washing my body for years.
Ivory is my favorite one .
At first I used Ivory for face-washing since I read a book called  Stop!別再錯誤保養啦! (Sorry, it is a Chinese book translated from Japanese. I dunno whether they had an English version).
The author of this book suggested people to stop using any skincare for face and to use soap for face washing.
I did try it for a while for not using any skincare and it felt good.
However I did want to have an improvement of my skin so I gave up the “not-using skincare” things.

Then I realized that it is not a bad thing for using Ivory for body washing!
My partners for body washing are  ” Ivory + Vaseline Total Moisture Body Lotion “.
My body is fresh and skin became smooth.

I didn’t feel dry even I used soap for body washing during winter.  I haven’t used any body scrub or other shower gel since then.
The important thing is, those things aren’t expensive at all.
I bought a package of 4 Ivory soap around HKD 20 and one bottle of Vaseline (500 ML) around HKD30.
So HKD 50 (around USD 5)  is my body wash package for around 2 months !

That’s the beginning of what I think ” Poo-free” is reasonable . I can keep using simple things for my body. Why not letting my hair to try something simple?

Here is why I am on my way to poo-free.

The first thing I did for poo-free is to…




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